Community Space Request



Woodgrove Centre supports the community in many ways. Many charitable organizations have set up at Woodgrove Centre to raise money and awareness over the years. Read on and find out how your charitable group can too. 

Any non-profit charitable groups, organizations or clubs that are able to provide a government-sanctioned charitable number are eligible to take advantage of the complimentary space in the common area at Woodgrove Centre - (examples of groups that may be eligible are the Cancer Society, the United Way, local school boards, sports teams, boy scouts and service clubs). The location must be used solely for fundraising and information awareness or registration events.

If you represent a charity or non-profit organization and wish to set up at Woodgrove Centre, please send us:

  • Detailed information about your group
  • The nature of the event (e.g. Fundraising, information display, registration)
  • Contact information
  • Dates requested

Please submit your request via the form below or send it with complete details by mail, or fax:

Cori Lynn Germiquet, Acting Guest Services Supervisor

Administration Office
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Woodgrove Centre
102-6631 Island Hwy N.
Nanaimo, BC V9T 4T7
Phone: 250.390.2721 Fax: 250.390.2005

Upon approval, your organization will be required to complete:

  • Sign a Temporary Occupancy Agreement (TOA)
  • Submit $2 million liability insurance naming  Woodgrove Holdings Inc., Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.,Ivanhoe Cambridge I Inc., Ivanhoe Cambridge II Inc.,OPB Finance Trust II and Ontario Pension Board as additional insured
  • Submit 2 years previous financial statements

Please note: Every year Woodgrove Centre tracks the number of non-profit/community groups as well as the funds raised for groups that we host at the shopping centre. At the end of the event, we ask that all non-profit groups and organizations fill out the sales form provided and submit to the Administration Office, mail or fax the form, attention Cori Lynn Germiquet.

Non-profit request form