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Celebrity Style Sunglasses

Get inspired by these celebrity Instagram pics and amp up your cool-girl factor with a pair of statement shades.

Anne Hathaway: Sporty chic

Talk about total sun protection! Reflective lenses and oversize frames make a winning combo when it comes to statement sunnies.

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Resting Beach Face

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Blake Lively: Jet set

Express your inner diva with a fresh take on the classic oval frame. Go for all out glamour and look for feminine embellishments like pearls, beads and glitter.


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Eva Longoria: Modern art

The cat’s eye shape gets a stylish update with mixed metals and curved edges. These sharp structured frames are the definition of sophisticated.

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Feeling pink today! 💋

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Selena Gomez: Make a spectacle

Here’s another way to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe-tinted lenses! Add vintage gold metal frames and you will look and feel like a rock star.

Find the perfect pair of shades for your face shape.

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Jessica Chastain: Under cover

There is nothing cooler that a pair of big, black sunglasses. Contemporary designs, modern materials and dark lenses all add up to a tough-chic look that never goes out of style.

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Ello Guv'na #London

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