Family Services

How we make your shopping experience more convenient

Woodgrove Centre aims to ensure that everyone enjoys our shopping centre and their shopping experience. Below is a list of family services offered.

Mother’s Room and Family Room

New moms, here’s something you’re sure to appreciate: privacy.

Modern, comfortable, and clean family washrooms are available in the food court on the central west side of the shopping centre. A private “mother’s room” is available for nursing mothers in the women’s washroom. Families with small children and infants can also use the child-friendly “family room”. Change stations are also available in the washrooms.

Emergency Baby Supplies

If you’re a parent, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Diapers are available at Guest Services in case of emergencies. As far as smaller messes are concerned, we have high chairs, as well as a microwave oven for heating meals and bottles in the food court.

Lost and Found – Children

Reconnect at Guest Services.

Guest Services, near Tim Hortons, is the point of contact for lost and found children. Our Guest Services team and security staff will help you locate your lost child.


We make shopping more kid-friendly. Literally.

Because we want to make your Woodgrove shopping experience as pleasurable as can be, we are pleased to provide courtesy strollers to any guest who might require one. Come and see us at Guest Services. Bring a piece of ID and we’ll get you on your way.

Equipment loans cease 30-minutes prior to closing. All loaned equipment to be returned to Guest Services 15-minutes prior to closing hours. 

Car Services

EV Charging Stations​

Does your vehicle need a power boost? Visit our two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations located on the east side of the shopping centre near Toys R Us. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Effective April 1, 2020, a nominal hourly fee and parking time-limit for the service applies.

Tesla Supercharger Stations

Stay charged while you’re on the road. Visit the Tesla Supercharger Station located near Chapters at Woodgrove Centre. Superchargers provide Tesla vehicles with up to 270 kilometers of range in as little as 30 minutes. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Emergency Auto Aid

“Attention shoppers: If you’re the owner of a car that’s giving you trouble, we can help.”

Woodgrove provides guests with emergency car boosting. Visit Guest Services or call 250.390.2721, and we’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

Lost and Found

Finders keepers? Not on our watch.

Our lost and found is located at Guest Services. You may locate lost items or turn in found items to this location.

First Aid

Emergency First Aid Supplies
We make ouchies less painful.

Guest Services has a basic first aid kit for minor cuts or injuries. Should an injury require more immediate attention, our security team has first aid training and will quickly tend to high priority first aid calls.

Ferry, Transit and Visitor Information

Ferry, Transit and Visitor Information
Getting to and from. And vice versa.

To get up-to-date ferry schedules, transit schedules, and tourism information, simply visit Guest Services. Transit passes can be purchased from the lottery booth at Walmart.

Event and Store Information

Event and Store Information
We’re constantly updating our information. Perhaps even now.

Event and store information is updated on a regular basis. To find out the latest and the greatest for all things Woodgrove, you can either drop by Guest Services or click on the ”Play” tab on this website.

ATM Banking

Is green the new black?

Royal Bank ATM banking is located at the east entrance of the shopping centre. Island Savings Credit Union ATM banking is located outside at the east side of the mall in front of Island Savings.

There are also three Cash-N-Go ATMs in the centre. You’ll find one by Ardene inside entrance 2, one near the interior entrance to Avalon and one in Walmart across from the checkouts. Ready? Set? Shop!

Wheelchair & Scooter

Courtesy Wheelchairs / Scooters
No matter how you like to get around the wheels are on us.

Wheelchairs and scooters are available to our guests at no charge. To sign out a piece of equipment, visit Guest Services near Tim Hortons. A signature and a piece of photo ID is all we need.

To ensure everyone gets a “turn at the wheel”, a 2-hour limit may apply during peak shopping hours.

Equipment loans cease 30-minutes prior to closing. All loaned equipment to be returned to Guest Services 15-minutes prior to closing hours.


We don’t rap. But we do wrap.

Purchased a gift and in a rush to attend the party? Visit Guest Services to have your gifts beautifully wrapped.

Contact Guest Services at 250-390-2721 for further details.

Barrier-free Washrooms (located in food court)

Modern. Clean. Comfortable. Private.

We’re home to private bathroom facilities for people with special needs. You’ll find them in the food court on the central west side of the shopping centre. In addition, all washrooms include a stall designated for person with disabilities.